By the Seaside

| 26 June, 2012 13:35

Before the jurying results were in I began collecting reference material for this year's 50-50 show. Last year was my first time in this challenging but oh-so-very-fun process and I learned what a big job it is to create 50 paintings in just a few short weeks. So I was hopeful, deciding that even if I didn't make it in I would still go forward with the imagery I was selecting.

Sea Gazer


I headed over to Land's End, for I had read about the new Lookout Visitor Center there and wanted to check it out. The area was all spiffy with new walking paths that connect to the Coastal Trail. I walked partway down to the ruins of the Sutro Baths and looked toward the Golden Gate Bridge in the distance. Below, on the rocks, I spotted this Western Gull listening to the ocean's symphony while enjoying the late afternoon sun.


#2, Sea Gazer is an acrylic painting on an MDF panel. To see a larger version, click on "Original Art." (Typed text at lower right does not appear on original art.)

Original Art  

More 50-50 Fun!

| 19 June, 2012 23:35

The results are in and I've been accepted into this year's 50-50 IV show at the Sanchez Art Center - hooray! So I'm buckling down and getting my 50 paintings underway. This year my theme is 50 Favorites Within 15 Miles of Home. It's the logical "next step" to last year's topic, for which I looked for inspiration within a 50-minute walk of my home.


Now I'm able to go farther afield. I contemplated whether I wanted to go for 15 miles as as one would normally travel (using mapquest for my distance calculator), or within a circular radius instead. I chose the latter and found a handy site online that will calculate distance as the crow flies once I plug in two addresses. This will keep me within my designated mileage.


Line Dance

First up and finished is Line Dance. The basic geometry of this window and the orange lines near the roofline are very simple. Yet the shadows of the balcony, wires, and utility pole - along with the black cables - add so much interest to the scene that I feel the image springs to life. It seems to me that the shapes are dancing in the breezes.


#1, Line Dance, is an acrylic painting on an MDF panel. To see a larger version, click on "Original Art." (Typed text at lower left does not appear on original art.)

Original Art