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Survivor (thumbnail) Connecting the Dots in My Life (thumbnail) A House Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand (thumbnail) Eclipse (thumbnail) Beckoning Light (thumbnail) The Past (thumbnail) Homecoming (thumbnail) Inner Calm (thumbnail) The Journey (thumbnail) Stopped in Time (thumbnail) The Gift (thumbnail) Here Now (thumbnail) A window at Fort Pike, Louisiana (thumbnail) Praying Mantis (thumbnail) Stillness (thumbnail)
Beckoning Light (large view)
Beckoning Light
A siren song calls if we listen, urging us upward and toward the light in the darkness. It might be a small voice inside pushing us toward a goal or a dream we have yet to realize. It may be the call toward adventure or toward making a better life for ourselves and others. Location: The Citadel in Sighi┼čoara, Transylvania. Acrylic on Canvas.
18" H x 24" W