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At the Palace (thumbnail) Supporting the Deck (thumbnail) Harmony in Blue and Gray (thumbnail) Golden Tower (thumbnail) Going Up (thumbnail) At the Pier (thumbnail) Touching the Sky (thumbnail) The Front End (thumbnail) The Back End (thumbnail) Lines at Work (thumbnail) City Geometry (thumbnail) Bay Span (thumbnail) It's Always Time for Peace (thumbnail) Dividing the Road (thumbnail) City View (thumbnail) Starting Out (thumbnail) Twilight at the Golden Gate (thumbnail) Passing Me By (thumbnail) Up in the Air (thumbnail) Been Around a While (thumbnail) Downtown (thumbnail) Driving Lesson (thumbnail) Trimming the Green (thumbnail) Ready to Sail (thumbnail) A Touch of Elegance (thumbnail) North Beach Windows (thumbnail) Rising High (thumbnail) Almost Ready (thumbnail) Go Giants! (thumbnail) Domed Beauty (thumbnail) The Old and the New (thumbnail) Balclutha (thumbnail) The Famous 49 (thumbnail) Flying Fish (thumbnail) Windows at the Top (thumbnail) Green Turret (thumbnail) Showing Off (thumbnail) Heaven on Earth (thumbnail) Still Towering (thumbnail) Final Touches (thumbnail) Choose Your Color (thumbnail) Market Day (thumbnail) Going Places (thumbnail) Victory Lap (thumbnail) Showtime! (thumbnail) Trolley Time (thumbnail) Let's Tour (thumbnail) Murphy's Back (thumbnail) A Day's Work (thumbnail) Standing Tall (thumbnail) Sam's Castle (thumbnail) Holy Angels (thumbnail) Motoring Above the Bay (thumbnail) Going Wading (thumbnail) Holiday (thumbnail) King by the Sea (thumbnail) Play Ball! (thumbnail) Just Hanging Out (thumbnail) Jefferson Tower (thumbnail) Lady of the House  (thumbnail) El Camino Bell  (thumbnail) Afternoon Glow (thumbnail) Red Steps (thumbnail) Doggie Diner Retrospective (thumbnail) Sand Shaper (thumbnail)
Green Turret (large view)
Green Turret
Acrylic on MDF Panel
6" H x 6" W