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Momentary Rest (thumbnail) Sunbathing (thumbnail) Study of Lines (thumbnail) Hi There (thumbnail) Iris with Purple Edges (thumbnail) Contemplation (thumbnail) Drying Off (thumbnail) Catching the Light (thumbnail) Ready to Ride (thumbnail) Morning's Glory (thumbnail) Look What I Caught (thumbnail) I Can See Forever (thumbnail) Hanging Jewels (thumbnail) Garden Retreat (thumbnail) Toeing the Line (thumbnail) Creamy Agapantha (thumbnail) See You Next Year (thumbnail) Blue Passion (thumbnail) Naked Ladies (thumbnail) Yellow Rose (thumbnail) 300 Long (thumbnail) Red Passion (thumbnail) Sea Gazer (thumbnail) Let's Be Friends (thumbnail) Oh, So Succulent! (thumbnail) Come Play (thumbnail) Taking My Time (thumbnail) Afternoon Delight (thumbnail) In the Garden (thumbnail) Ready for a Breeze (thumbnail) Popping My Head Up (thumbnail) Moonglow (thumbnail) Marching Up the Hill (thumbnail) A Stroll in the Woods (thumbnail) Lounging by the Pool (thumbnail) Sunroom Rendezvous (thumbnail) Season of Renewal (thumbnail)
Hanging Jewels (large view)
Hanging Jewels
Acrylic on MDF Panel
6" H x 6" W